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Eliza Hollister Moore.

Using a casual and messy aesthetic, I make paintings and prints depicting my personal sexuality and masturbation. I choose to not make the images overtly pornographic, but rather intimate to depict the personal nature of sexuality. The term sexuality is often used to describe a couple pleasuring each other, i choose rather to discuss the solo embodiment of sexuality, having sex with oneself and getting to know your own body. As a young adult my sexuality was stunted and I approached the erotic in a timid way, afraid that what I felt was inappropriate or sinful. Making these paintings of myself masturbating forces me to accept myself, my needs and desires and addresses how personally this path was long and hard, but also enlightening. Oftentimes the figures I paint or print are clothed or half clothed to show that the image isn’t necessarily about the naked body, but the act of pleasuring oneself in whatever environment feels the most comfortable.


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